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What is use of <address> tag in html?

If you come across any quiz or interview question like above don’t be a pray. At first sight it may seems that <address> tag is used to express addresses semantically.

It is of course partially true. But address of whom?

The <address> tag defines the contact information for the author or owner of a document. This way, the reader is able to contact the document’s owner.

The address element is usually added to the header or footer of a webpage.


After searching reading several links, I found the difference

abbreviation: A shortened form of a word.
ex: lb., amt., mgmt.

initialism: An abbreviation formed from the initial letters of a phrase

acronym: An initialism that is pronounced as a word.
ex: radar, scuba, JIT, WYSIWYG


Actually, the differences are so small that HTML5 decided to drop acronym in favour of abbr

The for attribute in the label tag, indicates the ID of the form field it identifies.
Each form field should have name and id equal to the same value (name is submitted to the server; id identifies the element on the client).

The W3C recommendations prefer that form controls use their id attributes in the name/value pairs submitted to server however only the name attributes is recognized so better use it.

I posted here because few like me may miss it to note.