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How to create custom events in javascript using jQuery framework? This post trying to answer this question.

HTML construction: There are four DIVs (tl, tr, bl, br) absolutely positioned at four corners within a master DIV (container) with gray background. Each absolutely positioned DIV contains one empty div with class ‘error’ and one button.

<div id="container">
	<div id="tl">
		<div class="error"></div>
		<input id="top-left" type="button" value="submit"/>
	<div id="tr">
		<div class="error"></div>
		<input id="top-right" type="button" value="submit"/>
	<div id="bl">
		<div class="error"></div>
		<input id="bottom-left" type="button" value="submit"/>
	<div id="br">
		<div class="error"></div>
		<input id="bottom-right" type="button" value="submit"/>

CSS construction:

#tl, #tr, #bl, #br{width:200px;height:200px;position:absolute;background-color:#eee;}

Javascript Construction:

var customEvent = (function(){
	var errorHandler = function(e){
		var formErrorFlag = true;
	var customErrorHandler = function(e){
		$('.error').html('error at ''color','Red');
	return {
		init: function(){

All buttons binded with click event with errorHandler function which in turn triggers custom event called ‘formEvent’ based on some condition ‘formErrorFlag’. So in other words, ‘formEvent’ is my custom event which is trigger based on a boolean ‘formErrorFlag’.