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Humble human being. Like to live a full life.

By saying “Born and brought up in Coimbatore”, I really mean it because studied, married, worked (ing) in the same place (may be around 15 km circle). Not only me my father too. His locus is smaller than me; only 5 km. There is one saying in Tamil “Kinathu Thavalai”. Means “Frog in a well”.

Well, that makes me internet addict. Browsers are nothing but my own personal vehicle to roam the world. Internet is nothing but passport to visit everywhere. Search google with rajakvk, you will get 6720 results (as on 05 Nov 2009).

My love to browser still continues… Now as a Front End Web Developer. So web is not my work, business but breadth.


This is a personal website and all opinions expressed here are my own and not those of my current or previous employers or partners I work or worked with.



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  2. I agreed all your statements.Internet is the vehicle to roam the world and express our thoughts with out any-body’s permission.

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