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The code below pretty much explains itself. Just follow the comments. You can also run the code snippet in the firefox console tab

// Parent class definition
var Human = function(name, age) { = name;
    this.age = age;

// Child class definition
var Indian = function(name, state){
    if(name) = name;
    this.state = state;

// Extending
Indian.prototype = new Human('raja',22);

// Creating instance of child class with own name property
var tamilian = new Indian('kvk','TN');

// Creating another instance of child class without own property
var cbe_ian = new Indian('','TN');

alert(;  // kvk
alert(tamilian.age);   // 22
alert(tamilian.state); // TN
alert(;   // raja


  1. Shouldn’t be ‘kvk’ and be ‘raja’ ?

  2. Thanks for updating

  3. Good Raja

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