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Planning to post few JavaScript pattern as series. Here goes the first basic javscript pattern: Singleton pattern. First let us see the generalised code for this pattern.

NameSpace.Singleton = (function(){

	// Private members
	var privateAttr1 = false;
	var privateAtrr2 = [1,2,3];
	function privateMethod1(){
		// code goes here
	function privateMethod2(){args
		// code goes here
	return {  // Public members
		publicAttr1 : true;
		publicAttr2 : 25,
		publicMethod1 : function() {
			// code goes here
		publicMethod2 : function(args) {
			// code goes here

What are the advantages of this pattern?

  • Namespacing
  • Grouping related methods and attributes together.

What are the drawbacks of this pattern?

  • Tightly coupled
  • Unit testing is difficult

For private variable in Javascript read my previous post


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