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What is associative array?
Its an array who’s index is a string instead of a number.

What do you mean by it?

// Array
var myArr = Array(3);
myArr[0] = 34;
myArr[1] =  'rajakvk'; // legal store all types in a single array. ;-)
myArr[2]= 25.5;

//Associative array
var myArr = Array(3);
myArr['age'] = 34;
myArr['what is his name'] =  'rajakvk';
myArr["what is his father's name"] = 'kvk';
myArr['his average']= 25.5;

Yes. You can use string, with space too. Even you get to know father’s name !!

Its legal in JavaScript. Now you can understand the flexibility of JavaScript.


alert(myArr[1]);  //undefined

That reminds again, great power comes with great responsibility.

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